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Where’s your rock bottom?

A tip for not hitting the deepest point!

A rock bottom is a term used in the addiction world for when an addict hits their lowest point and makes the decision to change.

Whilst this term certainly applies to addicts, it can also be used for anyone who needs to or wants to change.

When do things get so bad that you decide that something needs to change?

Often we spend much longer than we need to in painful situations which we could have done something about sooner.

I know I have.

The reality is that the rock bottom could always be lower if we’re lucky enough to still be alive.

Your rock bottom is where you decide to get out. This can be higher or lower, depending on your tolerance to withstand pain, ability to ask for help, social situation, life experiences, etc.

One tendency of people on the journey to the bottom is a tendency to not ask for, or to reject help.

My tip is that if you feel that there’s something that you’re struggling with and you can’t cope, open up and speak to someone about it.

The best time to start to make a change is today, you don’t have to wait for the bottom to hit you.

You can get out at any time.

Don’t be afraid to ask those around you.


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