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Working Together

Our work together is to explore what’s happening in your life at the moment and what’s happened in the past to try and make sense of these feelings and navigate a way through, towards a sense of hope and purpose.


Working with you, I listen to your story, ask compassionate questions, aiming to explore your life and to understand areas that you’re struggling with. The goal is to help provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself and perhaps discover the person you want to be. My approach is Integrative but with a solutions focus. I use a wide variety of therapeutic approaches dependent on what you need specifically, to assist you in feeling more hopeful and fulfilled.


Choosing a therapist that you connect with and trust is essential. In order that you can get a good sense of how we could work together, I offer a free 15-20 minute introductory phone call. If we decide that we will be able to work together, we can schedule a time for a first session. If we aren’t a good fit I can always refer you on to someone who may suit your needs more.


If you are interested in therapy with me, please get in touch via email, text message or phone call. I aim to respond to all queries within 48 hours.


I am currently working online

Working Together
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What Can You Expect?

Therapy is a place where you can talk about your feelings and experiences without fear of judgement. It may be that you want to explore current difficulties in your life the troubles you face. The process of therapy will probably involving looking at your past, in order that you can gain a deeper understanding of where you are at right now. This new understanding of your past and how it can influence the present has the potential to offer you reassurance going forward and support you to make healthier choices in all aspects of your life.

Initially, therapy usually helps most with a weekly commitment to a 50 minute session. After the first session, if we are a good fit, we can try working together for 5 more sessions before reassessing what will work for you going forward. 

What Can You Expect?
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Am I right For You?

It’s really important for you to find the right therapist. It has to be someone with who you can trust and connect with.

I have an ethos of inclusivity and acceptance and offer Integrative Therapy, working with a number of different issues.


These include but are not limited to:


Anxiety and Depression


Relationship Issues, forming healthy relationships, communication issues.

Anger Management and conflict resolution

Addictive behaviours and their consequences

People with a family member who was or is an addict or alcoholic.

Issues around self-esteem and body image.

• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Am I Right For you?
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