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How open is your mindset?

This week I thought I’d introduce another important piece of the puzzle for making successful changes in life.

This piece is called Openness.

And it’s essential to develop this mindset if we’re wanting to do things differently.

We can welcome openness into our lives in a number of ways.

We can do this by becoming:

Open to changing our views.

Open to new experiences.

Open to challenges.

Open to uncomfortable feelings.

Open to getting it wrong.

Open to not having it right.

Open to new ideas.

Open to pain.

Open to joy.

Open to the fact that it might not work.

Open to the fact that it might.

I think you get that there are a lot of ways that we can be open!

Often, we may shut down an idea that could help us before we’ve tried it due to prejudices or scepticism. In doing so, we can miss out on valuable opportunities to experience something different and potentially learn about other aspects of ourselves.

Changing and trying something new is scary. It’s completely normal to be resistant.

It can be handy to remind ourselves that we don’t need to commit whole heartedly to the change.

We just need to be open.

We can dip our toes in the water and see if it’s something we want more of.

There’s always our old path to go back to if we desire.

By developing a more open stance, we instantly invite more flexibility into our lives. This flexibility can provide us with a greater sense of freedom.

And who doesn’t want more of that?

Are there areas in your life which you are struggling to change?

Which solutions to these issues have you instantly shut down?

Could there be a way of exploring a sense of openness towards any of these options?

If so, how?


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