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Are you having issues sleeping?

Most of us have struggled with sleep at some points in our lives and given how important it is for us to function effectively, it’s always helpful to have methods to help when things aren’t working like they should.

Clients often have issues with sleep and I find that it helps to have many different tools in the bag to help aid the sleep process.

On becoming a new father recently, sleep is feeling more imperative than usual for me. It’s of course, even more important for my child.

The usual advice on getting good sleep goes along the lines of:

  • Have a sleep routine

  • Exercise regularly

  • Use relaxing breathwork

  • No phones in the bedroom or before bed

  • Manage your stress

  • Watch your diet

  • Get sunlight

  • Use eye masks, etc

But I learnt a new one this week:

I saw this article around coloured noise and its function in helping the brain adjust to different situations.

I’ve used a white noise machine over the years to help drown out sound in therapy clinics where sometimes the walls and doors were too thin to keep client conversations confidential. However, I’d never looked into other coloured noise. Or even knew that they existed.

I read the article and followed it up by doing a little self-testing this week by trialing some pink noise as a sleep aid for myself and my family.

Happily, I can report, it’s at least working for now!

On top of this, as I write this I’m using some brown noise to help me hyper focus and I don’t feel like I’m too distracted from my task. I have of course set it at a level where I can hear my baby, if she needs me!

I’ve attached a link to helpful coloured sound playlist here.

I hope it helps.


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