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Men’s Divorce & Separation Group

Are you a man going through the divorce or separation process? Are you struggling with anger and sadness around the situation?


Are you feeling overwhelmed and isolated with all the changes that you’re having to navigate? Are you finding it difficult to identify and share with others around the issues that you’re facing?

Divorce or separating from a long term partner is something that most of us have to go through at some point. It can be an incredibly painful life stage and one where we often feel as if we are navigating it alone and fighting fires on multiple fronts.

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Healing Together: Embracing Hope and Growth in Divorce and Separation Group Therapy

Group therapy can be an effective way of processing the loss, shame, grief, isolation and anger, that can arise as part of the divorce or separation process.


The groups I offer, allow people going through this life stage a place to share their experiences and gain identification with others who are struggling or have struggled.


It’s a safe space where the members can offer support and share experiences with other members of the group. Members can speak and be open in a way that they may struggle to be with friends and family.


This can to help alleviate the sense of isolation and provide group members with a sense of hope and psychological relief. It is an opportunity for members to connect with other people who are struggling with similar issues and facilitate growth and healing at a time in life where it may feel as if the walls have closed in.

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Is this group for me?


This group is for people who are going through or have been through the divorce or separation process.


The group will be a safe, non-judgemental space to explore the complex feelings and high emotions that are evoked as part of this stage of life. In the group people are encouraged to share their own experiences and reflect on their own part in the divorce.


There will also be opportunities to give feedback to others and help one another to move forwards in their lives.


Why I can help you


Paul Huntingford MBACP (Accred) is an Integrative Therapist working in private practice who is passionate about group work and increasing access to psychological support around the divorce and separation process. Paul’s own experience of divorce led him to training as a therapist and he is driven to provide a more effective way of providing therapy for those working through this painful time.


Before qualifying as a therapist, Paul worked for 10 years in the Health and Fitness Industry as an Independent Personal Trainer and has a special interest in relationship issues, divorce, addictive and compulsive behaviours.

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