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What’s the best way to keep a habit?

A tip to help you keep a habit you want!

In my time as a personal trainer, I was often asked what’s the best exercise to lose fat/get fit fastest/build muscle etc.

This week, my wife asked me to clarify something she’d seen on social media around the best way to burning fat.

My reply was “I can see that scientifically that’s the most effective route but if you don’t enjoy it, you’ll likely never stick with it and it probably won’t work.”

A bit negative I know, but it’s the truth!

My advice to clients was often pretty similar. I’d encourage them to discover something that they enjoyed and they’d get fit naturally.

The general rule is, if you don’t enjoy it, find a way to make it enjoyable or find something else to do!

This is actually very similar to what happens in therapy.

I am often asked what’s the best approach to help with anxiety/depression/trauma etc…

Now, while there are approaches that definitely most suited for some people and certain issues, the most important thing is that you get on with the person that you’re working with and you trust them.

The therapist needs the right training, but if you don’t get on with them and feel safe and connected in their company, I’d find someone else.

Whilst therapy might not always be fun, it doesn’t have to always be grim.

It is vital to have someone alongside you who can make it feel worth the hard graft.

At least that’s the way I see things.

I love my work and developing ways to connect with people that enables them to feel confident enough to enact change in their lives.

I don’t know which route we’ll use to get there but we’ll be on the lookout to find the path that speaks to you and takes you closer to who you want to be.

If there’s an area of your life that you’re struggling with right now and you’re looking to change it, I have a question for you:

Is there a way that you can make the thing you need to do to get there a little more fun?

For example, recently, I’m studying spanish. In order to make it a little more fun. I set myself a challenge of using a new word that I’ve learnt every day when I speak to someone. This speaks to my creativity and also gets me learning boring vocab which feels like a slog and is easy for me to ignore.

I’d love to hear your creative ways of making diffciult tasks more fun.

Feel free to contact me via my form here.


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