Steroid User Group Therapy

Are you struggling with your steroid use? Have you used steroids in the past and are concerned about the affect upon your mental health and body image? Feeling out of control with your using can feel very scary and isolating.

Given the culture around Steroid use, the consequeces for users mental health are often left unspoken. Users can suffer in silence about how they are feeling whilst chasing unattainable or ever increasing goals. This can lead to damaged personal relationships, depression, body dysmorphia, addictive behaviour patterns, mood swings, sexual problems and low self esteem.

Group therapy can be an effective way of counteracting the shame and isolation that can develop alongside using steroids. This steroid users group offers people affected by steroid use a place to share their experiences and gain identification with others who are struggling or have struggled. It’s a space where the shame around steroid use and body image can be explored with other members of the group. Members can speak and be open in a way that they have never been before, to help lessen the sense of isolation and provide group members with a sense of hope and psychological relief. This is an opportunity for users to connect with other people who are struggling with similar issues.

Is this group for me?

This group is for people who are struggling with their steroid use either now or in the past and want to stop or are open to exploring their realtionship with their use.

The Steroid Users Support Group starts on Wednesday June 2nd at 1pm and takes place on Zoom. Sessions last an hour. You will need access to a quiet, private space with good internet connection. I ask that everyone in the group wears headphones to maintain confidentiality.

Starts - Wednesday June 2nd 2021 @ 1pm

Cost - £25 per session

Members are asked to commit to weekly attendance. This is group therapy, not a drop in support group. The group is capped at 6 members to allow everyone time and each member will have a one to one session with me every 6 weeks. I ask fees to be paid in advance and for a one month notice period if you are planning to leave the group. When someone decides it’s time to leave, their spot will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. If you are interested in joining, please contact Paul here.

Paul Huntingford MBACP is an Integrative Therapist working in private practice who is passionate about group work and increasing awareness around men’s mental health issues. Before qualifying as a therapist, Paul worked for 10 years in the Health and Fitness Industry as an Independent Personal Trainer and has a special interest in addictive behaviours.