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Men’s Divorce & Separation Group

Are you a man going through the divorce or separation process? Or are you interested in learning about the group for a client or family member?

This free, introductory webinar gives an insight into how the group works and how it will help.

Live Webinar - Tuesday 11th April at 7pm UK

If you’re unable to attend at that time, you can sign up and you’ll receive a link to watch the webinar at a time that suits you.

Thinking Man
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Sign up for the 20 minute recording today

When you attend, you’ll find out:


Who the group is for

Why the group developed

What happens in the group

How the group can help

How to sign up for attendance

Paul Huntingford MBACP is an Integrative Therapist who is passionate about group therapy work. Paul’s experience being a child of separation and his own traumatic divorce led him to training as a therapist and his interest in relationships.

He is committed to developing more effective way of providing therapy and to increase access to psychological support around the divorce and separation process.

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